Storage Calculator

Unit Sizes Sq. Footage Description Suggested Contents
5' x 5' 25 Small Closet Office file boxes & supplies, small furniture
5' x 10' 50 Over Size Closet Couch, chairs, mattress, dining room set and stackable boxes
8' x 10' 80 Walk-In Closet Lightly furnished one bedroom apartment
10' x 10' 100 One Bedroom One bedroom apartment heavily furnished
10' x 15' 150 Large Bedroom Two bedroom apartment or a small vehicle
10' x 20' 200 One Car Garage Appliances, three bedroom or four bedroom lightly furnished home. Can also accommodate a boat or a vehicle
10' x 25' 250 Large One Car Garage Small vehicle plus a small one bedroom apartment or a four bedroom home
10' x 30' 300 Extra Large Car Garage Four bedroom home plus patio furniture
12' x 45' 540 Double Car Garage Five bedroom home and a small vehicle or two full size vehicles

Additional sizes are also available. Please contact the office for your specific needs.